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Fenjan, Fenjal,Feljan…?

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Tamashee’s 1440 H collection is inspired by Al Qatt Art, an old artform that adorned the inner walls of homes in Asir, a southern province of what is today the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Asir’s unique geographical and social make-up have given birth to a rich culture that is full of life and color. This is evident in every aspect of its inhabitants’ lives ranging from architecture design and interior decorations to folklore and dances. Tamashee has implemented Al Qatt Art in its products in a contemporary manner in hopes of creating a new approach to keeping the artform alive, sustainable and relevant to a global scene. By owning this product you are contributing directly to this cause. Coffee culture is widespread in the Arabian Peninsula dating back thousands of years. The correct word for Arabic coffee cups and its roots have always been debated…

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– One set includes 6 pieces –

– 6 different colors   –

– Size Standard Arabic Cup –

Weight 1 kg

Blue, Orange, Purple, Red, Turquoise, Yellow