Asir Highlight Trip – Tamashee
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Asir Highlight Trip


Tamashee’s 1440 collection was inspired by Al Qatt Art from Asir region, Saudi Arabia.

Tamashee organized it’s debut experience trip to Asir to visit old homes and see the art first hand as well as visit experts who are trying to keep the art alive. Al Qatt Art was recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage in December 2017.

Al Qatt Art trip to Asir Saudi Arabia (a southern region of Saudi Arabia) involved:

  • A visit to old homes (over 250 years old)
  • Experiencing the culture of Asir in terms of landscape, architecture, art, clothing and people.
  • A visit to Fatema Gallery which is putting in effort to preserve this art.
  • A visit to the historic village of Rijal Alma’a using a cable car from soda mountain.
  • A visit to lush green valleys and trying local food outdoors.
  • A visit to archaeological sites that had ancient rock paintings (off the beaten track).
  • Meeting with the flower men of Asir and participating in their traditional dance of Gazwai.
  • A visit to the mountain peaks and enjoying fantastic views whilst having a cup of tea with milk prepared on firewood.

Please note that Asir trips usually occur end of August/early September.