Our Story

Tamashee is a high-end Arabian Gulf footwear brand based in Dubai. It began as a set of social goals which are now the core values for all of its work.

Preserving Identity

Tamashee products have been inspired by research of cultural designs and patterns. Tamashee carefully studies the history, form, and function of each cultural design and revives certain key elements of the past through its products.

Representing Culture

Tamashee seeks to redefine traditional elements into contemporary designs and to make them appealing to both traditional regional and modern international tastes. Tamashee has evolved the construction of traditional footwear by pioneering modern day methods and applying them to traditional techniques.

Coloring Lives

Creating an impact in the society is the most important of Tamashee’s causes.

Tamashee achieves this by:

  • Spreading information about unique elements of the Arabian Gulfs rich history.
  • Providing a platform and a network for emerging artists from the Arabian Gulf to display and spread awareness of their talent.

Tamashee gives a lot of thought to every model it produces. The research that goes into every collection revolves around the materials used, crafts of the region, and the interesting story it conveys. The word Tamashee is constructed using two Arabic words: Mashee (to walk) and Yatamasha (compatible).

Through its work, Tamashee thrives to create a soulful narrative from within the region that contributes to advancing the Arabian Gulf identity. Some examples of this can be seen in our products through the re-introduction of the turquoise colour, the preservation and development of the rings used in the region’s footwear, and the use of the Hijri calendar.

Tamashee’s classic lines are handmade in Spain and the Na’Al line are handmade in UAE by experienced craftsmen using high quality natural/naturally-dyed leathers.

  • Camel (UAE)
  • Ostrich (South Africa)
  • Cow (Italy)
  • Lambskin (Spain)